Reading gives us some place to go when we need to stay where we are.


Our vision is to increase reading of books among emerging and reluctant readers. 
We value the following:

  • Reading aloud to children to help enhance their literacy skills
  • Reading to create enjoyable and memorable moments
  • Reading for production, adding value to work, hobbies, and personal development

What We Do

We encourage everyone to read more books using the following methods:

  • Writing children's books
  • Sporting reading-themed t-shirts
  • Telling stories
  • Attending book club parties for reluctant readers
  • Visiting schools and leading discussions about careers (to K-2nd grade), salsa dancing,  No TV Week,
  • and Career Day



Hello everyone,

As a child, I enjoyed trips to the library for story time. I loved hearing the classic children’s stories or reading some of the classic children’s books. When you throw in nursery rhymes and tongue twisters my sisters shared on occasion, coupled with my favorite Dr. Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham, played an early role in my life.