Hello everyone,

As a child, I enjoyed trips to the library for story time. I loved hearing the classic children’s stories or reading some of the classic children’s books. When you throw in nursery rhymes and tongue twisters my sisters shared on occasion, coupled with my favorite Dr. Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham, those moments played an early role in my reading development.

Many years passed between those days and the day I began working as a librarian in the Atlanta, Georgia community. In that role I spent hours and hours thinking about what to read to children. Those experiences led to more story time sessions than I ever attended as a child. From that period to today, I was hooked on reading books to children and recommending books to be read. One of my greatest experiences as a librarian has been working to get children to be enthusiastic about reading and enriching young readers with books from the library. My childhood and library experiences were factors leading to the decision to write books for children.

Then one day it happened. I applied for a community health grant. Part of the grant process was selecting a community health concern and an audience. I selected obesity and with a focus on children. Combining those experiences aided in the writing of the first book “Me, Watch TV?” 

Michael Hickman


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